Configuring Server Core 2008 R2 as a Domain Controller

If the Server Core machine is the first Domain Controller in the Forest you should type:

dcpromo.exe /unattend /NewDomain:forest /ReplicaOrNewDomain:Domain /NewDomainDNSName:domain.tld /DomainLevel:4 /ForestLevel:4 /SafeModeAdminPassword:”P@ssw0rd”

ForestLevel and DomainLevel “4” value  represents “Windows Server 2008 R2 Functional Level”. For more information on command line parameters type:

dcpromo /?:Promotion|more

If you want to add an additional domain controller in a existing Forest then you should type:

dcpromo.exe /unattend /username:Administrator /userdomain:DOMAIN /ReplicaOrNewDomain:Replica /InstallDNS:yes /ConfirmGc:yes  / /SafeModeAdminPassword:”P@ssw0rd”

You can also type all these commands on a text file by using notepad using the following example:

createOrjoin= join
replicaDomainDNSName = domain.tld
ReplicaOrNewDomain = Replica
UserDomain = DOMAIN
Username = administrator
Password = “P@ssw0rd”
InstallDNS = Yes
ConfirmGc = Yes
CreateDNSDelegation = No
SafeModeAdminPassword = “P@ssw0rd”


Then save this file as c:\dcpromo.txt and type:

dcpromo.exe /unattend:C:\dcpromo.txt